16 March 2018

and when the sun sets

Until 7 March we had winter weather. There was snow and frost, and you could even go skiing at the edge of the forest. Returning from the last winter trip, we stopped at the sight of a beautiful sky after sunset. There is silence here in the countryside at this time, and people are preparing for supper. When the snow comes down, everything will be gray around it, and still far away to the spring greenery.

28 February 2018

a trip to the river on a frosty morning

A wave of frost came to us at the end of winter and as it turned out across Europe. The low amount of snow and the wind intensify the feeling of coolness, especially when the entire winter was so mild. I do not like that aura. Nothing changes, and the sky is almost completely blue. Such conditions for the photographer are not attractive, but you always have to try something. Here are my last photos.

12 February 2018

winter fog

During the current capricious winter, we often have thaws, new snowfalls and floods of rivers. I am attracted to photographing the landscape in the fog. It is difficult to predict the result, because the fog changes from dense to transparent. The sun is once invisible and it is completely gray, it is again lightly breaking through the fog. Not every place is good for photography, and time is limited by changing conditions. A lot of photos are unsuccessful, but there are interesting results and it is worth trying.

06 February 2018

new return of winter

After the last thaw, when the snow completely melted, we are back winter again. First, some snow fell, then came the frost and further slight snowfall. It is not known how long this state will last. It is the month of February and the days are getting longer and the sun is shining higher and higher.The village of Podlasie is becoming depopulated. Almost the same pensioners live in the countryside. There are few farms that are growing. The rural view is nostalgic, a little sad, but the least changed.Winter in February is always more cheerful. Here are some photos from my surroundings.

24 January 2018

Podlasie village in a winter robe

The view of the Podlasie village in the winter season evokes nostalgic memories of my childhood. As I remember, I spent a lot of time outside. I rode my ice on homemade sledges and skating on ice. As soon as the snow fell, we played snowballs, sledged down the hill, and then went skiing on our own. Often, I returned home in the dark. As much as I could, I also helped at home felling trees in the forest for firewood. 60 years ago, winters were regularly with snow and frost. Here are some pictures of the winter village.

23 January 2018

and we have winter

And we have real winter with snow and frost. It started with snowfall on January 18 in the evening. It is true that the snow is not too much, but in the woods skiing is very good to walk. The last days are getting colder. The sun shines from time to time and beautiful frost appeared on the trees. I usually visit almost the same places to photograph. Here are the first pictures of the walk on a sunny day.