12 September 2017

time for cranberries

This year is completely different. The amount of precipitation per year is huge. We have a great mushroom fungus for this reason. The beginning of September is the time of harvest of cranberries. This wild-growing mud is the most salty and sought after. There are few places where you can collect it. The Biebrza Valley in the Lipsk area contains many places where you can collect cranberries. Wetland density is exceptional after many dry years. So the harvest is much more difficult, but the berry is exceptionally prosperous. You should be able to search for it and with experience we will be able to pick up these unique berries. The health benefits of cranberries are easily learned from the internet. As this berry grows, you can look at the pictures. It must be said that if we get to the favorable weather, this expedition will bring on additional pleasures.

02 September 2017

finally mushrooms appeared

To tell the truth, we did not have mushrooms for two years. In the current rather humid year, the first chanterelle came out in July. Only for a few days we have a mushroom spill. There were not only boletus, but also birch boletes, slippery jacks, parasol mushrooms and even red pine mushrooms. It is very nice to take a walk through the forest and collect mushrooms, especially when there are many. Unfortunately, some of them are worms, especially boletus. But for the beautiful and photogenic. I hope the mushroom season will continue.

20 August 2017

Is it the end of summer

Summer is coming to an end, and the holidays are for sure. The rain was rainy and there were fears of cereal harvest. August came and brought on sunny and hot weather. With such a favorable aura harvest, after three weeks are finished. Beautiful landscapes are ripening cereals. After harvest the fields become monotonous and associate with the fall. The rays of the sun already have a different color. We farewell the storks, whose departures are a sign of the coming autumn. The beginning of autumn will again enjoy us with new colors. This season is loved by most nature photographers.

28 July 2017


A few days ago, from the balcony of my apartment, I saw the glittering butterfly – Common yellow swallowtail . There was no chance of photographing. This morning I went to work on the garden. After work I spotted this butterfly on a leaf of basil. I looked and decided to go home for the equipment and to photograph. It is about 300m in both directions. I did not expect him to wait. Well, I came back, took pictures from different distances, and he did not even move. Then 2 hours later I was back in the garden, and the butterfly was still sitting. I thought he was not in good shape, but when I got about 80cm away, the butterfly flew away. So sometimes it happens.Here are some photos of this great butterfly.

23 July 2017

just before the harvest

I really like this period just before the harvest. Gradually ripening cereals. From the different shades of green to the shades of gold in the sunset, the fields look wonderful. Here and there on the copper and road of the road are blooming various wild fragrant flowers. The smell of flowers and ripening cereals, especially in the early morning and after sunset, filled the air.
Now there is no such crop variety as it was 50-60 years ago. The huge areas of the fields are covered by high dark green corn. Only here and there buckwheat and facelies are grown mainly by beekeepers.

09 July 2017

and butterflies

Continuous rains and strong winds are not conducive to macro photography of nature, especially butterflies. The warmth, silence and sunshine are conducive to butterflies. Today's afternoon is more or less like this. I have not met many species on the meadow. Difficult place for shooting in tall grass. There are places more interesting but not near. Here are some pictures of my trip. All the species I've photographed before, but something else is different.

meadow brown (Maniola jurtina)                green-veined white (Pieris napi)

ringlet (Aphantopus hyperantus)                the marbled white(Melanargia galathea)

01 July 2017

after storm

Since mid-June the weather has changed suddenly. Very dry May confused torrential rains were mixed with hail. Very strong winds have done a lot of damage. In our village we were lucky. We were overwhelmed with torrential rains and hail and only on June 29 a violent storm knocked down many trees and we did not have electricity 24 hours a day. Here are some photos of the evening after the storm.

05 June 2017


Haymaking. Once upon a time, it was a very important period in agriculture and rural life. All the adults and children participated in the haylocks. For everyone was the right kind of work. Even at the turn of the 50s and 60s, almost all the work was done by hand. When it was good weather, there were plenty of people in the meadows. Well remember that besides the storks I saw beautiful roller (Coracias garrulus) sitting on lonely alders or willows. Today they are long gone. Most meadow flowers flourished. The smell of mown grass and hay especially during the evening is wonderful. At the time of the haymills, the mood was usually cheerful. Only occasionally, when the storm approached, everyone was in a hurry to save the hay from the rain.
The early haymaking is so mechanized that it is difficult to compare. Only men on the field with equipment are on the meadow. Grass collection takes place individually and takes a very short time, and due to new technologies there is no such dependence on weather. Only storks are still walking on mowed grasses.